Monday, February 20, 2012

A Bag Emergency

The birthday weekend has come and gone, and big fun was had by all. Hard to believe that my Bunny is now officially five years old. Between a trip to Disneyland and the party yesterday, there was precious little time leftover for sewing, however I did start work on a project last night. Bunny is in love with Rapunzel at the moment, so my husband and I gave her a soft Rapunzel doll along with the little chameleon Pascal for her birthday. She was trying to fix up some way to carry them next to her using shoelaces (my daughter is quite the inventor), but I assured her that I could probably sew a bag that would do the job just as well. And what kind of fabric does one use to make a bag for Rapunzel? Why, Heather Ross, of course!

I've been saving these pieces for something special, and it's great (if a little frightening) to cut into them at last. If I can scrape out a little time in the next day or two, I'm hoping to have it finished so that she can carry her friends around in style.

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  1. That fabric will be perfect for you daughter, I'm sure she will be very proud of her bag once it's done!


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