Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fifty Days

My Scrappy Stash Quilt Top -- more details here

Fifty days into the 100 Day Hustle, and my lists look like this:

1. Christmas potholder for my grandmother: DONE
2. Finish Vintage Holiday quilt (backing, quilting, binding): DONE
3. EPP block for Travellin' Pic-Stitch Blog Hop: DONE
4. Modernista Swap Project: DONE
5. Modern She Made Swap Project: PLANNING STAGE
6. Play quilt for my nieces: PLANNING STAGE
7. Diaper bag for my sister: IN PROGRESS
8. Camera bag for my brother-in-law: NO PROGRESS
9. Scrappy Stash Quilt & matching pillow cover: DONE
10. Weekender Bag: IN PROGRESS
11. Blog Updates: IN PROGRESS

1. New purse for me: DONE
2. Pillows for the family room: IN PROGRESS
3. New advent calendar: NO LONGER NEEDED (my mom bought a fantastic magnetic version to use with the girls this year)
4. Tula Pink Sew Along project: DONE
5. Finish new quilt for Bunny's bed: IN PROGRESS

I'd love to have more finished since my last post on this, but I keep telling myself that it's not too shabby really. I just keep plodding along, one project at a time, and it's amazing what you can get done if you just keep at it. My scrappy quilt was bound and washed last night, and I've been working on my Weekender this evening. I was at the "just shoot me if I have to cut out one more piece of interfacing" stage earlier today, but now that I'm actually sewing, it's a little more fun. Can't wait to share my bag and my finished scrappy quilt  -- and even the extra scrappy pillow I added at the last minute -- with you all next week.

Miss Bear came down with a case of stomach flu this morning . . . life is never boring around here. Now that I've just gotten her and little Mouse to sleep, I'm off to curl up with my husband and an old movie (anyone else love Gene Tierney & Dana Andrews in Laura?) and store up my energy for whatever excitement tomorrow will bring.

Sweet dreams...

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  1. I seriously love your scrappy stash quilt top! way to go on your list! :) Can't wait to see your weekender, too! I'm really hoping to tackle mine this week.

  2. "Not too shabby"?????? You make me feel positively lazy. If you are anything like me your sewing time is YOUR time - when you can unwind and get in the groove.

  3. I would say you are doing pretty good!

  4. You have a lot accomplished! Great job.

  5. You are definitely on par - 50% done in 50 days! Would love to see pictures of your other finishes :-) And I like how the low volume on your scrappy quilt has assorted prints and manages to frame the colors so well. Happy hustling!

  6. Wonderful quilt, love your fabric choices !

  7. Your list is looking great and I hope Miss Bear is feeling better! I felt the exact same way with cutting the interfacing and ironing it on wasn't much better LOL. It is so worth it in the end though!

  8. You are making great progress!! Love your scrappy quilt!

  9. Looks to me like you've made some good progress!

  10. Yes, I love that movie!!! I love old movies :) Anyway, looks like you are doing great on your list!


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