Road Trip Pillow from Patchwork USA

I love to teach and share my samples through trunk shows whenever I can, though for now I can only travel by car within an hour or two of San Antonio, Texas for these opportunities. At the moment, I have three options for presentations or classes that I can share with your group:

1. Trunk Show -- projects from my tutorials, patterns, and books. I'll share my story, how I got into sewing, blogging, writing patterns and books, and fabric design. Along the way I'll talk about my projects and books and a little bit about balancing a busy family life with the creative process.

2. Sew Organized Class -- how to find time and space to sew. I give specific, practical tips for organizing fabric and other sewing supplies, keeping things clean, using a sewing planner, and staying motivated in your own creativity when you hit road blocks. I have a PowerPoint presentation that goes along with this talk which I can bring on a flash drive if you have a computer connected to a large display screen for your group, but it's not required if you're not set up for that. I also have a handout which I'll bring for everyone who attends.

3. Fabric Auditions Class -- choosing and arranging fabric in your projects. We'll talk about pattern, color, and how to find your own unique look depending on what you're sewing and for whom. I'll have sample fabrics to show the process I use to select prints for a project, and if your group would like, attendees can bring a random stack of 20-30 prints from their personal stash to practice arranging with guidance as needed.

If you're interested in any or all of these presentations, please email me through the Blogger Contact Form on the sidebar so that we can discuss dates and fees. I look forward to meeting your group!

A Mini Scrappy Version of the Big Bear Cabin Quilt from Patchwork USA

There are some incredible resources available through the online quilting community, and I've done most of my learning through the kindness of generous bloggers. I put together this list of links below to be a help to those of you who are either new to sewing or looking for new inspiration. Check back now and then -- I'll be continuously adding to this page!

Beginning Sewing Skills
Basics by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson!
Hand Quilting by Aneela of comfortstitching
Quilt Making Basics by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts
Sewing Back-to-School by Sara of Sew Sweetness
Embroidery 101 by Jennie & Clara of Clover & Violet

Color Selection and Fabric
The Art of Choosing by Jeni of In Color Order
Fabric Folding by Angela of Cut to Pieces

Selling Your Work
The Craft Show Series by Rachel of Stitched in Color
Business at Craft Buds

Blogging Tips by Kerry of verykerryberry
Advice for New Bloggers Series by Beth of Plum & June
10 Tips for Better Blog Photos by Holly of Bijou Lovely

Making Bags
Travel Handmade Series at The Sewing Summit
Bag Tutorials by Sara of Sew Sweetness
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