Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I found not one...not two...but three packages waiting for me when my parents brought in the mail. I was so excited that I had to sneak downstairs for a quick peek before my two youngest daughters went down for their afternoon naps.

This lovely set was made for me by Kelie (craftnursequilt) for Round 2 of the Modernista Swap, which had a kitchen theme this time. Look at all these goodies! I'm absolutely crazy about those potholders, which I needed desperately. They're now making all the other potholders in my house look pathetic by comparison -- a situation I'll have to remedy in the weeks ahead. I've already put that darling fabric basket and table mat to use, and I love all the sweet extras she included. My girls can't wait to get their hands on those cookie cutters. Can you believe that this was Kelie's first swap? She did such an incredible job!

I couldn't believe it when I found out that Lori -- my sweet friend and co-conspirator in our recent Long Weekend blog hop -- was my partner in Round 2 of the Modern She Made Swap. She could not have captured my tastes more brilliantly. Look at all the color, and the great text fabric accents! That pillow cover is absolutely to die for, and I'm completely in love with that armrest sewing kit. She also included a stack of gorgeous fabric and several spools of ribbon. I was totally overwhelmed as I looked at the contents of this package. Lori is so incredibly talented, and you can see it in everything she makes.

But if that wasn't enough, I noticed that Lori's return address was also on package number three. Inside I found the treasures you see above along with a thank you card for helping her manage The Long Weekend -- as if all the fun we had doing this blog hop wasn't joy enough! Lori, you're an angel...thank you!

After staring awestruck at all of these beauties for a few moments, I tiptoed back upstairs to the girls' room to find Mouse asleep and my sick little Bear (she's been fighting a fever for the past few days) asking me to rock her awhile. As I cuddled her in the rocking chair, I was reminded again that in the midst of all the ups and downs of life, I am so blessed. And isn't it amazing how these reminders come when we need them most?

May you receive the reminders that you need today as well. I wish you all a very happy weekend.


  1. Lucky you ! Always good to be still and count our blessings. Enjoy

  2. What lovely packages.
    And they couldn't have arrived at a lovelier home. You deserve these great treats.

  3. Terrific packages, lucky you! And how great that you got the 'lift' you needed from them. Ange :)

  4. What a lovely post. All your beautiful gifts found their perfect home.

  5. Wow, what wonderful packages! :) Reading about the goodness that exists in the world always brightens my day. Thank you!


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