Monday, September 16, 2013

Sewing School: Zipper Pouches

My little sewing school is still in progress with the girls this year. About every third week we do a project of some kind together, and our latest one was sewing zipper pouches. They had a blast picking out fabric for these, going through every last print in my stacks for just the right pieces. Mouse, who is currently obsessed with ducks, chose one of Lizzy House's first collections for the exterior of her pouch and an unknown yellow print for the lining.

Bear was desperate to use those mixing bowls by Lori Holt on the outside of her pouch, adding a Briar Rose calico print for her lining. She faithfully uses that pouch to store her pencil every single day for school.

Bunny fell in love with these dogs by Heather Ross as soon as she saw them and lined her pouch with one of the most popular prints in my stash as far as my girls are concerned: Mr. Bear by Sarah Jane.

The girls had so much fun making these. While I sometimes find one left forgotten on the floor or table, heaven help the sister who touches a pouch that doesn't belong to her. Now I'm just trying to decide what to do for our next project. Any suggestions?


  1. Sweet pouches! Either you have a fabulous stash or your girls have fabulous taste in fabric! (Ok perhaps both is the case!! hehe!)

    Maybe a little cushion, apron or tote bag for some future projects?

  2. Maybe the four of you could make a pillow together? Each makes a part and then puts it all together? The pouches are so cute! I'm jealous of the Lizzy House print ;)

  3. Love these! What about some simple library book bags/totes!
    I'm sure whatever you come up with though it's going to be cute!

  4. They all made such great fabric choices! I also think a tote bag would be a great next project.

  5. Magic pillow cases are always a hit! These pouches are so perfect! How fun.

  6. Oh they are all very cute! Well done girls on some fab fabric choices! :o)

  7. Cute!

    Ah, I need to do a project with my girls. Maybe when school gets a big more routine. It's so much work right now as it is!

  8. Good on you Heidi for continuing your sewing school with the girls! The pouches look lovely. Mmmm, some ideas for future projects... maybe an apron to help Mummy cook, or a placemat, or a pillowcase. I made my daughter two pillowcases yesterday to match her patchwork quilt (poor sausage has been waiting about a year for matching pillowcases in the same pretty fabric). They are a nice simple & rewarding project and look so pretty on the bed when your done! Goodluck with your future sewing school adventures :) Cheers, Kelly


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