Friday, August 3, 2012

Support Your Local Library

Last night we dropped by the library so that my husband could pick up a few last minute resources for lesson planning today. I dropped by the quilting section to see if there was anything interesting, and lo and behold, this is what I found. What a great surprise! I hadn't honestly expected much in the way of modern quilting books. Can't wait to curl up with these for a while and get some new ideas...

The Vintage Holiday Quilt Along starts this Monday, so be sure to get all your stuff together this weekend. I can't wait to finally get started!


  1. Heidi! I didn't know if you got my email but you won some thread off my blog. Let me know if you want it.

  2. The library is my #1 go to source for quilting books. It's great to look at them before I decide if I need to buy a particular book. They are also usually willing to purchase books/magazines they don't carry if you ask them and it' in the budget.

  3. Being a quilter and a librarian definitely has its perks, let me tell you. And Longvacation is right. Many libraries have patron request forms that librarians refer to when ordering.

  4. Great finds! I haven't been so lucky with my library but I'll try longvacation's suggestion and put in a request.

  5. I've been enjoying your recent posts! Your Modernista quilt is a work of art!! Really beautiful.

  6. Oh I have been wanting to try Fresh Quilting; I hope you like it. I also have been to the library in a few weeks. I need to see if there is anything new at our's. Thanks for the great idea!


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