Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Projects

It's been another crazy week around here, but I'm sewing in spite of it wherever I can. Here are a few quick peeks...

A new bed quilt for Bunny. Yes, I know I just finished her Castle Peeps quilt this summer along with ones for the other girls too, but guess what happens as soon as you make bed quilts for all your kids? They end up growing into bigger beds, of course! My parents are getting a new bed, so Bunny will be inheriting their old queen size. Bear just got a twin bed last month, and Mouse will move into Bunny's twin bed when we switch everything around. So now I have three new quilts to make. At first I was a little frustrated by it, and then I thought, what's the matter with me? I love making quilts and now I have a great excuse to make three more! So now I'm happily planning my new projects. This is the start of Bunny's queen size quilt -- the largest one I've made so far.  I absolutely love this Madrona Road fabric. It's girly but in a more grown-up way, and I think this quilt will be a good one for Bunny to use as she gets older.

This week's Zakka project is an adorable little stuffed bear in a pocket pillowcase. I'm modifying this a bit, so we'll see how it goes...

Today I need to finish making a clutch for a friend of mine. I should have pictures of this one by tomorrow.

Little voices are calling, so I'm off to start the day. Enjoy yours!

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  1. delightful...thank you for sharing :)

  2. love the start you have made on Bunny's quilt :) I've found that my kids want more quilts as soon as I finish making them one, even if they aren't getting a new bed. I'm just happy they like quilts :)

  3. Wow - a queen size quilt?!! It is beautiful - she must love it!

  4. Such a cute bear :) Good for you, make a queen quilt!


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