Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quilter's Favorites

Color Study Baby Quilt

Geta had the brilliant idea for an event called Quilter's Favorites -- a chance for quilters to share tips that work for them and get some new ideas from others who link up. I'm getting my post in here at the very last minute, but here are my thoughts on a few of her suggested questions:

Timber Mosaic Bag in progress

List a few favorite quilting notions: Clover clips have become absolutely indispensable to me, especially when I'm making a bag. Pins just can't hold the pieces together as firmly. I also finally caved in and bought my first can of basting spray. Now all I can think is...what took me so long?? I want to buy a case of this stuff! It's made my small quilting projects so much easier to manage, and I love how quickly it can be applied.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Bundle

Any advice for a successful color scheme of a quilt? I'm still learning about this, but I'm finding that I really love the look of a project that has a mix of different prints from different collections. I've been practicing more often through my Fabric Auditions, which I'm trying to post weekly on the blog (I know I've missed a few weeks lately, but I'm trying to get back on board again...), and it's been a great learning experience for me. A few tips I've learned so far: 1) sticking to a specific color scheme makes a quilt look so much more pulled together, 2) try to vary the lightness and darkness of the colors within that scheme, 3) throw in some neutrals -- I'm loving plain old white and black these days, and 4) try to mix up the types of prints you use: dots, stripes, flowers, checks, solids, etc. The more you practice, the easier it comes, but I've learned to trust my instincts about what I choose. If I don't love it, I keep looking until I find a mix that makes me happy.

Do you have free tutorials on your blog? You can find them all right here. My Patio Placemats have been featured on several websites this month, and they make a great easy project for picnics and patio dining.

Any tips for sewing organization? I have a post on how my sewing room is organized which you can see here. A few things have changed since then, the biggest thing being that I have a fantastic new sewing table, but otherwise the place looks basically the same.

Zakka Delightful Linen Bag

Could you recommend a book to someone that just started quilting? The book that had the biggest impact on me as a fairly new quilter was Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale. It's not specifically about quilting, but it introduces you to a host of different techniques and types of projects. That book taught me how to how to install a zipper, how to sew hexagons, how to make my first bag and pouch. It opened up a whole new world to me of projects that I could do and gave me a love for zakka projects and linen in general. I will always have a special place in my heart for that book.

Share a favorite quilt made by you. Every quilt has special feelings attached to it for one reason or another. It's so hard to choose, but I narrowed it down to two of my favorite quilts. Memory is full of scraps from my first year of sewing and now resides on the bed I share with my husband. I love the memories that are wrapped up in that quilt.

Once Upon a Time is a quilt I made for my daughters featuring Heather Ross prints I had been saving for over a year. It's the most improvisational quilt I've made to date, and because of that, it was a real challenge for me. Right now I'm working on a second one of these for my grandmother which I hope to finish in the next month.

Perspective Mini Quilt

Don't do like me...and hurry through your sewing. So often I get excited about a new project, get into the sewing, and then get distracted by other ideas and deadlines. I end up rushing through the end of the project, not always giving it my best, and not enjoying it nearly as much as I should. I need to remember that the process matters just as much as the product, or as my dad once said, "It's supposed to be a hobby. If you're not having fun, it isn't a hobby anymore." When I slow down and take time to enjoy myself, my projects look better and I have so much more fun making them!

I hope something in here is helpful to all of you. Be sure to drop by the link-up at Geta's blog for more great ideas and advice!


  1. How fun! I love this idea and love your comments. BTW - your Color Study quilt is my favorite. I LOVE it! You definately have an eye for style and color.

  2. Thank you for sharing your tips and favorites, Heidi. I must try the Clover clips, I love to make bags too and it seems everybody loves them.

  3. All of your quilts are so beautiful. I love your memories quilt and hopefully make one soon one day. (I'm only into my 2nd month of quilting)

  4. I love Clover clips too! I've only used them for binding but I can't wait to use them on some bags, when I get the nerve to try making a bag. lol I haven't bought any basting spray yet, but I want to and then I see the price tag and I say to myself I have lots of basting pins. I think I will order Zakka style, I would love to learn how to install zippers and play with Hexagons. I really want to get into EPP. I know it would be a good project for our move to Texas. Plus it gives me an excuse to make one of those cute EPP cases. :) I remember seeing your Once Upon a Time quilt, I think I might have fainted. I hope your daughter treasures this quilt forever.

  5. What a fun post! And what great advice from you dad - I totally agree with him!!!

  6. fantastic post, Heidi. I so enjoyed reading your very helpful ideas and tips.

  7. I am about to order some Clover Clips :-) I agree with you about slowing down. It is so easy to get caught up in ideas and deadlines that you forget to enjoy what you are doing.

  8. Your works are always some of my favorites. And I totally agree about enjoying the process. That has been my mantra this year.

  9. I really liked your "Don't Do Like Me" advice. I too am guilty of rushing through, especially when the WIPs are accumulating quickly. I need to read your little paragraph every day before I start sewing. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing all of that and the memories as well! I have to not rush through things as well. I have to stop and tell myself that this is the only time in my whole life that I get to sew these exact pieces together, so I might as well enjoy it! haha

  11. That circle block @the end is sew beautiful! Nice job!


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