Monday, August 26, 2019

Birthday Sewing

Birthdays are a big deal in our family. Even though we keep our parties simple and small, the girls are always allowed to choose a theme, and they literally start talking about next year's party before their big day is even finished. My little Mouse is turning 9 next month and decided long ago that she wanted a pool party with a tropical feel. For weeks she's been coming up to me with her big eyes and cheeky grin, asking, "Can we talk about my birthday?" So we spend time looking at pictures on Pinterest and talking about cupcake flavors and pretending that we're planning the party of the year when really it's all a great big excuse to spend time cuddling and chatting together, giving her special one-on-one time with Mommy that we both love so much.

When she told me that she wanted to do little candy favor bags, I decided that these adorable animal prints from Under the Canopy by Citrus & Mint Designs for Riley Blake would be perfect. My girls are especially crazy about sloths right now, but the leopards and birds were also a big hit.

I sewed these drawstring bags together in less than an hour. The striped baker's twine was perfect for the finishing touch. (I buy several spools of it every time I see it in the dollar section at Target since it goes with just about anything!) These bags are just the right size, and I love that the girls can use them after the party for other things.

Speaking of Riley Blake, I want to take a moment to say thank you. I've spent the last few years as a designer for them, and it's been an absolute joy. They've been generous to me in so many ways. Not only did they give me the chance to create three collections, but they've given me fabric to use for so many special projects. They sent me prints to use in both Sew Organized for the Busy Girl and Patchwork USA as well as in the next book that I'm working on right now. When I asked them if they could donate material so that I could make burp cloths for a local pregnancy clinic that I support, they sent me a huge box packed to the brim with soft flannel goodness that allowed me to sew the stack above and still have plenty leftover to give to the clinic for future needs. Working with these staff members and designers has been such a privilege, and I've learned so much through this chance to do something that I honestly never thought I would get to do. So to everyone from the RBD office who has been so kind and helpful to me these past three years, and to all the amazing RBD designer friends who have blessed my heart with love and encouragement -- thank you . . . with all my heart.


  1. You are the sweetest! I love working with you and hope to be friends with you for years and years to come!! Love you Heidi!

  2. How super special of RBD! Love your little cute bags and burp cloths! This love makes the world go around :)!

  3. Hej heidi,
    Sweet and amazing little bags! Love the fabrics...:-)greetings from denmark, ulrike :-)

  4. These are fabulous for putting little gifts inside, I would be very happy to be given this at a party. x

  5. Es genial preparar juntas la fiesta y las bolsas serán un éxito.
    Muchas felicidades a tu pequeña!!

  6. The bags are adorable and the girls will love having them for treasures after the party. I remember one of my kids would talk about his birthday all year long. Finally we made a rule that we would always start planning his bday from September 1st on. (His day is Oct 15th). He would get so excited for September 1st to come around!

    Very nice to hear about the support from RB. So generous of them!!

  7. I hope your sweet daughter has a wonderful birthday!! So glad you take the time to enjoy them while they are young! Those are memories and moments that are irreplaceable! And so good to hear that Riley Blake is such a generous company: it makes me happy to know that I can support them when I purchase their fabric. :-) Hugs, H

  8. These look simple and cute. Is there a tutorial somewhere online for the bags? Sorry if I missed a link.

    1. Nicola, I actually made these up as I went along, but do an online search and you'll find tons of great tutorials -- even video ones! -- for drawstring bags. It's fantastic how much is available online these days!


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