Monday, October 22, 2012

Sherman and Stuff

It's been a crazy weekend of keeping the girls entertained while my husband has been in North Carolina. Right after we dropped him off at the airport on Friday morning, we stopped by Target to pick up a few things, and I let the girls do a little window shopping in the toy section.  When we passed by the stuffed animals, my daughters insisted that I needed to get somebody to keep me company while Daddy was gone since I didn't have any stuffed friends to snuggle with at night like they did. Normally I would have laughed and kept walking, but this little blue elephant just stole my heart. Sherman, as he is now called, has been quite a comfort to everyone this weekend. The girls have each taken turns with him when they were especially missing Daddy, and I have to say that he was worth every penny. Thankfully, my husband returns home tonight to all his adoring fans. It will be so wonderful to have him home again!

Photo from A Quilter's Table
 You will definitely want to stop by my friend Debbie's blog today as she hosts another great giveaway for our Long Weekend event. She had just finished making her beautiful patchwork version of the Weekender when we started planning our sew along, and I knew that she would have some great tips to pass along. Visit A Quilter's Table for all the details!

Debbie's brilliant Polaroid block swap was also the inspiration behind my Focus mini quilt which is being featured today at Quilt Story. There are always certain projects we make that are meaningful to us for one reason or another, and this little quilt holds a special place in my heart. You can read all about it over at Heather and Megan's beautiful blog.

Wishing you a lovely start to your week!


  1. yay! congrats on the feature! I'm off to check out Debbie's blog.

  2. Sherman is adorable. I saw you on Quilt Story as my first read of the day and was very proud to say that I am already a fan of your work. Congrats.

  3. Love that quilt!! It's so great.

  4. Glad he'll be home soon! Your daughters are so sweet!

  5. Way to go on the feature!

    We love our elephants over here. We have three of the same one. Mostly because every time I see it I all like "awwww he looks like he needs a home!"

  6. Awesome about your Quilt Story feature! And happy I'm able to support The Long Weekend! This project is SO worth it!

  7. So many blogs to check out! Loving Sherman, no wonder he was a hit!

  8. I saw Sherman and he made me smile. Yep, so worth every penny!


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