Wednesday, January 2, 2013


How I wish I had a scrap pack for each one of you who left such lovely comments here over the past few days, but Mr. Random chose #9: Jane from quiltsmiles. I've sent you an email, Jane! My thanks to the rest of you for sharing sweet birthday wishes and wonderful dreams for the new year. Speaking of which...come back on Friday for something special that I can share with all of you. Above is a very tiny sneak peek. I hope you'll enjoy seeing the rest!


  1. Love those fabrics. I'll be back on Friday!

  2. Thanks Heidi and Samantha. I'll be back to see what your sneak peek is all about, I do love those colors and hop to make a quilt like thos at some time. Jane

  3. The little cake stands are adorable!! Happy belated birthday, mine is next week...I get to do the same type of reflection at the beginning of the year!! Or close to it anyway.


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