Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Hundred Days

1. Scrappy Christmas Potholder, 2. Vintage Holiday 1, 3. Chicopee Bag, 4. Turtle Cove Pillow, 5. Modernista Mini, 6. Windowpanes Pillow, 7. Modernista Round 2, 8. Weekender 1, 9. MSM Round 2 Finished, 10. The Simple Life Pillow, 11. Charming Feathers Front, 12. Scrappy Square Pillow
We've nearly reached the end of the 100 Day Hustle, and as I look at my list, I'm satisfied. I didn't finish everything, but I came awfully close. And considering that a whole lot of other projects sneaked into the works along the way, that's not so bad. Above is a mosaic showing my finishes from the list, and here's the final score:

1. Christmas potholder for my grandmother
2. Finish Vintage Holiday quilt (backing, quilting, binding)
3. EPP block for Travellin' Pic-Stitch Blog Hop
4. Modernista Swap Project
5. Modern She Made Swap Project
6. Play quilt for my nieces 7. Diaper bag for my sister
8. Camera bag for my brother-in-law -- still in progress

1. New purse for me
2. Pillows for the family room
3. New advent calendar -- n/a (my Mom bought an incredible magnetic one instead)
4. Tula Pink Sew Along project
5. Finish new quilt for Bunny's bed -- still in progress

I'm so grateful to Kelsey for organizing this wonderful event. Accountability is a beautiful thing, and I always find that it keeps me motivated and on track when I have things to do.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so we'll celebrate with a year-in-review post and a little giveaway too. See you then...
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  1. Happy birthday, Heidi! My birthday is on Monday, so we are almost birthday twins. :)

  2. Congratulations on your finishes! Love the scrappy potholder!

  3. Awesome progress! Happy Birthday.

  4. Wow! Your mosaic looks great! Looking forward to your posts in 2013

  5. Oh you got alot accomplished! And Happy Birthday!

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  7. sweet! those pillows are all darling.

  8. You achieved so much on this Hustle. Great work!

  9. Congratulations on your completed projects!!!

  10. You did an awesome job! So many pretty projects!! Thank you for joining in!!

  11. Happy birthday = love those feathers.

  12. Happy birthday and oh m goodness you really finished a lot! Love those feathers and the scrappy square pillow!


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