Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Holiday QAL Week 8: Quilt Back

The wind was not my friend this afternoon as I tried to take photos of my Vintage Holiday quilt back, but hopefully you can still get a feel for how it looks. The top picture was taken in the bright light of our back yard, while the other two are from the shade of our front lawn (I finally surrendered when the quilt blew down off the clothespins and halfway across the patio), so you'll see a little variety in the colors. You'll notice that the edges aren't exactly squared up on the backing yet. I never fuss too much about the edges of a quilt backing since they're always a little large to leave room for any shifting during quilting. Everything will be tidied up later during the binding process.

I had so much fun piecing together a large scrappy ornament for the back of this quilt. In fact when it was done, I was awfully tempted to set it aside for a pillow cover instead.  I may just have to make another one of these in the next month or two for a pillow to go along with the quilt. For the rest of the backing I kept pulling various prints that I had in my fabric closet until I had a layout that I liked. It's bright and cheerful, and I'm happy to know that the back of the quilt will be just as festive as the front.

This week I'll start on my quilting, and I think I'll probably go ahead with the vertical wavy lines that I used on my grandmother's version of this quilt. I loved the way it turned out on hers, and it's a fairly forgiving style of quilting for me. With all the work I've put into this quilt, I'd hate to ruin it now!

It's great to see all the lovely quilt tops showing up in the Flickr group, and I'm happy to see that people are still joining up this far along in the QAL -- the more the merrier, I say.  Remember, you still have a few weeks left before we have the final link up next month and those great random prize drawings!


  1. This is so cute! i love rainbow colours! :)

  2. It is beautiful! You definitely should make another scrappy ornament for a pillow, the rainbow effect is gorgeous!

  3. Your back looks awesome. I like the ornament on the back as well!

  4. I love your quilt back! So cute!!! Would it be terrible to copy and put an ornament on my back also???!!!!! Just a thought. : )

  5. That is such a fantastic idea to make the scrappy ornament! I'm still not sure when I'll be able to get the quilt done but hm, I think I'll borrow your idea and make a pillow!!!


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