Saturday, September 22, 2012

100 Day Hustle

I always seem to be walking a delicate line between trying to get more things done while at the same time slowing down to enjoy my life. Sound familiar to any of you? Last night I took some time out to let the girls run around on the front lawn as the sun was going down. They had a blast playing tag and picking the last of the daisies, and I was happy just to sit and watch them. It reminded me how important it is to take those quiet moments when they come.

As I mentioned yesterday, Kelsey is having a wonderful event called the 100 Day Hustle in which we all make lists of what we need to get done before 2012 waves goodbye. While this was a daunting task for me to face at first, I'm so glad that I worked on this list today. Having my mind cluttered with all the things I needed to do was becoming overwhelming, and it didn't look quite as bad as I was afraid it would once I saw everything down on paper. So here we go...

1. Christmas potholder for my grandmother
2. Finish Vintage Holiday quilt (backing, quilting, binding)
3. EPP block for Travellin' Pic-Stitch Blog Hop
4. Modernista Swap Project
5. Modern She Made Swap Project
6. Play quilt for my nieces
7. Diaper bag for my sister
8. Camera bag for my brother-in-law

1. New purse for me
2. Pillows for the family room
3. New advent calendar
4. Tula Pink Sew Along project
5. Finish new quilt for Bunny's bed

I have no doubt that there are other things that will make their way onto both of these lists, but this is a place to start. Hopefully if I can get my projects organized, I'll be able to get my time organized a little more efficiently too...which means more happy moments like last night.

And that's definitely a good thing.

Linking up with the 100 Day Hustle.


  1. I am making my list today, trying to be sensible about what I can really get done. It looks like you have done an excellent job of this! Good luck!

    I am looking forward to seeing your finished projects!

  2. Looks like a doable list (if life cooperates). And I hear what you are saying about new projects appearing. No way can you go 100 days without coming up with new ideas...

  3. Oooo, nice list of goodies and a real sweetie pie!

  4. Your list looks totally doable, I like how you've prioritised.
    Good luck!

  5. I just made my list too! While it's a little terrifying to see what I need to be working on, it's rather nice to have a list that I can check off (hopefully!!). Good luck with yours!

  6. You look like you do have a good list started and you will have plenty to work on over the rest of the year.

  7. I love how you separated your list into two parts, that's a really good idea. And the projects you've got look really great! Now I want to add more to my list!!

  8. The balance is so hard!! I'm hoping that I can make this type of list a habit and do a better job of finishing projects. You know I love your Vintage Holiday quilt and I can't wait to see everything else. Thanks for joining in :)


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