Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Organization

 The last week has been spent working on a set of place mats and a table runner for my sister, all of which I forgot to photograph before passing on, of course. It was fun tackling a different project, and I've tucked a few more lessons under my belt which is always a good thing. My other goal for the week was to get my new sewing room organized. My three little girls -- Bunny, Bear, and Mouse (nicknames, of course) -- all moved into a room together over Christmas vacation, so that left one room free to be our new sewing room/library. There's much left to do, but it feels great to have started the process of organizing my materials so that I can actually find everything when I need it. The new room also has a little reading area which I set up for the girls so that they can look at books and play while I sew. This was always a problem before, and I'm thrilled to have a spot where they can entertain themselves and still be within reach. Bunny also loves to help me sort my scraps into their new color bins. It's a project that keeps her busy, helps me out, and reinforces her knowledge of colors -- so everybody wins.

I'm starting a new project today for Bunny's birthday party next month which I'm very excited about. Hopefully I'll have some pictures in the next day or two.

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  1. Wonderful organizing! And tell Bunny I am proud of her helping Mommy sort scraps by color. I recognize those bins. (-:


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