Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doll Quilts

Birthdays are wonderful things, dropping all sorts of lovely surprises in your lap. My family was kind enough to indulge my new love of all things sewing this year, so I was able to build up my fabric stash quite a bit. I was also able to purchase a copy of Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts, which is currently my favorite book in the whole wide world. Inside those incredible pages I found a pattern for the Dream Doll Quilt by Aneela Hoey, who incidentally had designed the fabric I had set aside to make quilts for my daughters, a darling Red Riding Hood pattern called "A Walk in the Woods." The fabric line will not be fully released until early spring, but I was able to find a few sets of charm squares available online. I backed the quilts in another one of her prints from the Little Apples line. The original doll quilt pattern is quite a bit smaller and more detailed than my version. I wanted something that my girls could sit on while they played with their dolls, so I made the quilts long and placed the dolly quilt pocket at the top. I made the pockets large enough that they will fit more little friends if I get around to making them in the future. So far they seem to be a hit. In fact, my girls are snuggled up on the couch with their new friends even as I type this entry.

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  1. I loved your idea of Doll quilts. I am a shop owner and if I order you 1000 units of Doll quilts, can you make and ship them to me in Turkey?. I can provide you me contact details if you agree.


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