Monday, February 1, 2016

Coastline Tour: Brass Ring Pillow

When I first opened the bundle of Coastline fabric that my friend Sharon sent me, I literally gasped. It was like all my days spent beside the Pacific Ocean were sitting there in front of me.

I've spent countless days on the beaches of Southern California, but at none more than Huntington Beach. Chasing seagulls near the water as a child, eating hot dogs and s'mores around the fire pit with family and friends, taking long walks on the sand and pier with my sister back when we were both single teachers escaping to the ocean on school break -- the memories are endless. Sharon captures so many of them with her beautiful collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I chose the Brass Ring Pillow from my book, Sew Organized for the Busy Girl, for my tour project. The quiet prints in this collection make a great background for the more saturated ones that shine in a range of tropical colors. It's such a different look from the low volume version I did in my book, and I absolutely love it. This pillow looks like it would fit in perfectly at a beach house or poolside cabana.

I adore Sharon's Tropical print, shown here in the Bronze colorway, which I chose for the pillow backing. It looks equally amazing in the Breeze colorway, which incidentally also comes in voile. Wouldn't this make a stunning summer dress?

Be sure to visit Sew Not Perfect tomorrow for another great Coastline project. Sharon is also giving away a fat quarter bundle of this collection through Instagram at the end of the tour. All you have to do is repost a picture of your favorite Coastline tour project with the hashtag #CoastlineFabricsGiveaway. You can enter as many times as you like (yes, it's okay to have more than one favorite!), and international entries are welcome. Sharon will announce a random winner on Instagram when the tour comes to a close. You can visit her blog here for all the details about the tour and giveaway.

Meanwhile, I think this pillow and I need to hang out by the pool for a while. It's too cold to swim, but I can sip my iced tea and dream of warmer days to come...


  1. Great project to start sail with this blog hop!!

  2. Great pillow! Love the small hst's. I saw your other pillow in the crib, also a pretty pillow. Thank you for sharing. Love this line.

  3. Beautiful! love the colors and Now I really want to see the voile!

  4. Love the pillow and Oh wow! I'd so love to sit by that pool and sip a nice adult beverage too.

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