Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sew the Library: Quilt-opedia

One of my goals this year is to Sew the Library. I have so many fabulous books on the shelf in my sewing room that aren't getting the attention they deserve, and that just shouldn't be. My plan is to make a project from one of my sewing books at least once a month, hopefully twice. This month I made a quick laptop sleeve from Laura Jane Taylor's lovely book, Quilt-opedia.

Quilt-opedia is a book that I've had my eye on for a long time. I really love Laura's talent for mixing colors and prints to produce a look that's sort of vintage modern. This is a nice book for beginners, since it goes into great detail on quilting techniques and finishing, but I also think it works well as a quick reference for gift projects during the holidays. There are tons of photos and illustrations, as well as a useful quilt block directory in the back of the book. I desperately want to make the Obsession Quilt featured on the cover!

My dear friend Becca snagged some new Cotton + Steel for me at Fall Quilt Market, and I've been torn between wanting to sew with it and being afraid to touch it. Last night I finally decided it was now or never, so I pulled out my favorite linen pieces from Playful and Mesa. This fabric...what else is there to say that hasn't been said by everyone else? It's so beautiful, so fun... I kind of want to upholster my entire sewing room in prints by Melody Miller, but for now I'm contenting myself with making a sleeve for my laptop. I followed Laura's great directions which gave me the perfect fit for my machine -- a victory that has sometimes eluded me with previous tech projects!

The pouch is lined in one of my favorite text prints, a dictionary design by Tim Holtz. I added a pink and white striped hair fastener (love that touch of whimsy!) and a vintage style leather button to make an easy closure so that I can keep the laptop secure when in transit. All the top stitching is done using gold Aurifil thread.

It always amazes me how truly painful it can be to sew with a treasured piece of fabric. The pressure is huge. Holding that finished project, though, and knowing that I'll be able to see this fabric every day on my desk...well, it feels pretty great.

Sew with a print from your special stash today, even if you just use a tiny piece of it. You'll be so glad you did.


  1. I like your idea to "Sew the library". I need to do that with the quilting and knitting books I have.

  2. I agree - why should your fabric live on a shelf when you can use it for something adorable like this and see it everyday?!!??!

  3. That Melody Miller fabric is just so brilliant! Having it made up into something you are going to use everyday is completely worth it :-) And Aurifil gold thread sounds brilliant!

  4. Sewing your library is a great idea. I think I might put that one down as a goal for 2016. My aim for 2015 is to fabric shop from home (and that doesn't mean sitting in front of the computer!). We'll see how I do on that! Love your laptop sleeve.

  5. I agree with Jeneta, Sew the Library is a fabulous idea. I have added it to my 2015 plan. And an astute comment Jeneta about fabric shopping from home.

  6. That's such a great idea. I have trying to sew more from my library, too. I thought it was a shame to how all those beautiful book sitting in my bookshelf without being used. I love your laptop sleeve. The fabrics you chose make it look so chic.

  7. You could host a Sew the Library quilt along! We could link in once a month and then be introduced to all these other cool books out there! :)

  8. Super cute and I can't wait to get my hands on that fabric too. Love that you used yours. I have some I need to just cut already!


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