Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Up to this point, I've worked with quilting cotton, linen, canvas, flannel, double gauze, felt, fleece, and lawn. So when Riley Blake Designs gave me the chance to do a blog post about their wool, I jumped at the challenge.

These gorgeous bundles of color showed up at my door, and I was completely blown away. Aren't they stunning?!

I did some looking around online for project ideas using wool, and after much thought, I finally decided that it would be fun to try working on some stuffed animals. I purchased a few patterns from Willowyn on Etsy and got to work.

Sometimes I think it's good for me to try something completely different from what I'm used to. This project was such a fun change of pace for me, and I absolutely loved sewing together this little bunny. It was surprising to me how forgiving the wool seemed to be. Even when stitches weren't perfect, you couldn't really tell, and I was so thrilled with how she turned out. I did almost all of my sewing by machine except for a bit of hand stitching with matching gray thread to close up a few gaps after stuffing. Her ears are lined with a striped print from Date Night, and I embroidered her nose and eyes with black Aurifloss.

I loved the clothing patterns that Willowyn designed to go with her stuffed friends, so I just had to make a sweet pair of overalls in a favorite pink floral print from the Lemonade Sundae collection which I've been hoarding for a while. The little silver snaps on her outfit make me smile.

Her tiny wool coat (my daughter chose the color) has a hood lined in a print from Lori Holt's upcoming Granny Chic collection. I actually got this fabric to use in another upcoming project, but when I saw how perfectly the colors complemented that shade of green wool, I just couldn't settle for anything else.

I made a button bow to complement her outfit. Normally I wouldn't sew a button onto a stuffed animal, but since this one is for me, I made an exception.

During one of the nights when I was working on this project, my own Bunny was having trouble falling asleep. She wandered into my sewing room and asked if she could do my hair for a few minutes while I worked. So I let her practice her French braiding skills on me while I cut out pattern pieces, and together we watched an old Jeanne Crain movie called Margie on my computer. When I showed Bunny my finished doll the next day, she squealed and immediately asked, "What's her name?" I told her that I hadn't decided yet. She clutched the bunny to her chest in a hug and said confidently, "Margie. You have to call her Margie."

And that, my friends, was that.


  1. This is adorable. The little outfit is the perfect finish. Margie is really a cutie!

  2. So super cute! Love your Margie and the lovely story of how she acquired her name. Also love the pretty outfits to dress her up in.

  3. Hej Heidi,
    oh what lovely Margie is!!! Great fabrics and so super cute :0) best wishes from denmark, Ulrike :0)

  4. That is the sweetest little bunny!! Adorable, and I love the fabric choices.

  5. Oh and...... Your little story at the end is wonderful. You could write a very beautiful children's book about you and your sewing buddy, that little paragraph is well written and I was taken into the story and wanted more 😊 I would love the first copy please.

  6. So cute! I don't see the overalls pattern. Is that yours?

    1. I bought it from Willowyn too -- it was in a bundle with several different outfits!

  7. Margie is just adorable--I'm almost tempted to make a bunny myself (but won't since I have too many other things going--lol!). The clothes are pretty sweet too!

  8. Heidi, I'm inspired! The little girl in me wants a bunny! Can you advise which wool it is you used? I saw a RBD wool blend, not sure if yours is 100% wool?


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