Friday, January 19, 2018

Sewing Saves the Day

"What if," I said as I pulled a tearful Mouse into my lap, "we made a pillow together? Would you like that?"

She lifted one hand to knuckle away the tears...sniffed...nodded.

"You could pick out the fabric, choose a pillow size, the whole thing. Sound good?"

Another sniffle...another nod...the beginnings of a smile.

My 7-year-old had come wandering into the loft while I was sewing one night last week, looking for a special stuffed friend that she hadn't seen in a while. I took a deep breath and broke the news to her that the friend had been in the line of fire during Mouse's bout of flu several months back, and I hadn't been able to save it. A torrent of tears and several long hugs later, I had done my best to salvage the situation with the offer of a mommy-daughter sewing project. To see my girl move through the stages of grief in approximately 3 minutes flat and then start chattering away about her new was reason #347 why I'm so thankful that I sew.

So Mouse picked out a pillow form at Joann Fabrics and a Rifle Paper Co. linen print from my stash, and soon we were stitching away at my machine. I fleetingly wondered how many more times she'll be able to sit on my lap while we sew together, as she -- like her sisters -- is growing up so quickly these days. It took all of ten minutes before she was trying to hug her finished pillow and me at the same time. And with a quick, "Thank you, Mommy! Thank you so much!" she was off and running to share her new friend with the rest of the house.

And there you have it, I thought. Sewing saves the day again.


  1. That is fantastic fabric! She did a great job!

  2. No - mom and her creative problem solving saved the day. Kudos. My daughter went to college with mom made pillowcases - I stitched Carpe Diem XXOO Mom on the inside edge for her to discover later. You have much to look forward to.

  3. Heidi -- your tale of comfort to your daughter has brought me to tears!! and I'm not even a mom!!! That is so beautiful that you were able to turn her disappointment and sadness around and create something beautiful together. I'm glad to have this piece of good news to go with me during my day today!

  4. Oh that's so sweet!! What a great memory.

  5. What a sweet story - that will leave a wonderful impression on her for years to come. Such a lovely pillow too!

  6. This is a sweet pillow.
    I hope one day you can find a little stuffed friend just like the other.

    Scarlet fever used to mean throwing away and burning all items, but we have a lot of "chemicals" now that can save just about any item.
    Usually influenza does not require throwing away any items.
    There are methods such as putting the toy in a zip bag and FREEZE it for a minimum of 4 hours, the more the better. Then let thaw, and if possible surface wash or machine wash. I have used that method countless times. The only disease that really requires super diligent scouring would be Hand Foot and Mouth virus.

    I think this pillow is absolutely beautiful. Rifle paper has put out such stunning designs.

  7. Building memories together from good or bad circumstances is one of the best things. You two created a beautiful pillow. Mouse has really good taste in fabric (I love Rifle Paper prints!). It's all worth it to see the tears gone and a happy bounce in their step once again :-)

  8. A fab way to save the day, plus a really sweet pillow! Good going Mommy!

  9. What a great story -- and very special pillow :)

  10. Mouse picked great fabric for her pillow. Thanks for a touching story.

  11. Brought back memories for me, of sewing with daughters- and son!

  12. I love your story, and learning about the Blabberwockies - how creative! I'm just starting to work with my granddaughters (4 & 6), because they love to be in my sewing room, even though it's just an unfinished basement area, they think it's the best room in the house. This book will definitely give me more guidance to work with them.


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