Monday, January 13, 2014

Chore Pack

Today we all went back to school again (my husband's school district gives everyone three glorious weeks off for Christmas break). We all agreed this morning that this is a mixed blessing. Everyone is sad to leave the joys of vacation behind us, but it feels so great to get back into a routine again. My girls were all excited to get their new chore assignments this morning -- heaven only knows how long that will last -- and I broke out some new sticker charts to encourage the enthusiasm. Normally this is the sort of thing that gets easily lost in the stacks of paper that endlessly multiply on my kitchen counters, but as it happens, I took about twenty minutes last night to play hooky from my sewing deadlines by making a little case just for fun. I had no idea what this project was when it was finished (aside from personal sewing therapy, of course), but now I know. It's a chore pack!

I love the way the leather yarn dyed linen, Midwest Modern print, Geekly Chic lining, and even that button all work together to give this a slightly mod 1960's look. I am constantly snitching rubber bands from my girls' hair kit to use as button/loop fasteners for projects. They make such an easy yet cute way to add a closure to a pouch or pocket.

So, yes, I'm loving this little pack today. It's small, happy, and other words, just perfect.


  1. perfect!!! Hope the girls' enthusiasm for their chores lasts a long time. Ours always dies down withing a few hours of making a commitment :)

  2. very cute idea :-) My boys go back to school tomorrow and I'm going to miss having them at home - I have enjoyed their company so much this holiday.

  3. Adorable and handy! Mine still look forward to their daily responsibilities, but of course I know it won't last forever : P


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  5. What a lovely idea, and I can see how your pretty pocket case could work for keeping other little things safe too. Thanks also for your fab tip about using hair elastics with bottom closures. I have used glittery hair elastics in my card making in the past, for tiny handles for little bags etc., so have a few of them of the already. I will be adding this project to my List of of 'sewing ideas I'd like to try' . Thank you for,sharing this idea.

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