Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sewing School: Stuffed Dachshunds

I'm sticking to my goal of sewing at least one project each month with my three girls. This month we made little stuffed dachshunds, a fun project that came together pretty quickly. The only part of this project that's actually stuffed is the body -- everything else is nice and floppy. As always, I let the girls pick out their own fabric. Rather than letting them dive into my cupboards, it's easier for me to ask them what color they want their project to be and then give them a matching selection of fabrics to look through until they come up with what they like best. We tried three different methods for attaching the ears, and the third time was definitely the charm as you can see on the far right. I figure it doesn't hurt for the girls to experience the joys of problem solving at a young age.

From right to left we have Fix-It (Bear is a big Handy Manny fan), Puppy, and Snuffy. These doxies are long and skinny, perfect for small hands to hold and cuddle. And let me tell you, there's been a lot of cuddling going on in this house since these little guys showed up...


  1. eeek, these guys are so adorable.

  2. Another great 'sewing school' project with your girls Heidi! I love how the flowers on the purple one, ended up being in the perfect position for it's eyes!

  3. Precious! Where do you get your ideas?

  4. Super cute! How about a tutorial? Pleeeeease!

  5. So cute! Your girls are going to have such great memories of creating with you.


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