Monday, July 1, 2013


1. Patchwork Pouch, 2. Mr. Bear Kit 2, 3. Zakka Bell Pepper Hot Pads, 4. Plain & Fancy Mini Quilt, 5. Scrappy Kaleidoscope Pillow, 6. Chevron Baby Quilt, 7. Zakka Tea Cozy Set, 8. Happy Go Lucky Pouch 2, 9. Zakka Apron

I always love Fresh Sewing Day. It's great to look back on the month and celebrate everything that we've made. June was full of Zakka, gifts, and fun little quilts. It's always best to enjoy summer while you have it, I say...

Linking up to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts.


  1. As usual a beautiful collection of projects..I absolutely love the kaleidoscope cushion, great use of scraps :)

  2. A wonderful mosaic of projects, I'm trying to think if I have enough to warrant a post this month! Lol! :o)

  3. gorgeous projects, Heidi. Love all your zakka makes, so very pretty.

  4. Your new button is adorable!


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