Sunday, June 3, 2012

Change of Plans

It's amazing how often my plans change. Take today for example. My dear husband had planned to watch the kids this afternoon so that I could spend some time sewing. On my way to the sewing machine, I went to get Mouse out of her crib from her afternoon nap, and when I opened the door, she had one leg up on the side of the crib, just seconds away from vaulting over the edge onto the floor. This was her subtle signal to let me know that she was ready for the toddler bed we've been saving for her, and it meant four hours of cleaning, reorganizing, and moving furniture so that Bunny could move into Mouse's room and Mouse could move in with Bear. Bunny's "big girl room" is above, and the "little girl room" is below. I have so many projects I'd love to work on in these rooms, including recovering the world's ugliest -- but most comfortable -- chair as you see below, but those will have to keep for another day.

At the end of a month spent working on my list for the Small Projects Sew Along with Crazy Mom Quilts, my list now looks like this:

1. gifts for Bunny's AWANA teachers & aides
2. purse for my mother
3. purse for my mother-in-law
4. Zakka quilt magnets
5. Zakka mug rug
6. Zakka block quilt
7. birthday gift for my trainer (n/a -- I'm going a different direction with this gift)
8. pencil pouch for Bear
9. finish Modern She Made Swap project
10. purse for myself (have the supplies, but haven't decided on a pattern yet)
11. gifts for two friends at church
12. bind Bear's quilt
13. quilt & bind Bunny's quilt (in progress)
14. quilt & bind Mouse's quilt (in progress)
15. pillows for the family room (have the supplies, but that's it)

So I had planned to finish everything on the list, happens. What can you do? Honestly, I'm pretty happy with my progress on the list overall. Considering the fact that a few other projects sneaked into the mix this month, 11 out of 15 isn't so bad. Thanks so much to Amanda Jean for organizing this little sew along. I think it kept me more motivated than I would have been otherwise.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and that things went even better than you planned!

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  1. Oh it's such a big move isn't it! My Miss 2 is still in her cot but can easily climb in and out so I just leave the sides down and she's happy.

    Hope you manage to squeeze a bit of sewing time in soon!

  2. Oh, baby is growing up! It is somehow sad when they make this progression, but sadder if they didn't!
    Oh don't the gods laugh when you were making plans!
    I hope Bunny is loving her big girl room, too.

  3. Sometimes it's not important what you accomplish, just that you achieve that feeling of getting something done. I'm sure your daughters are all very happy with the new arrangements.

  4. Good thing you caught her before she did a fee plant. I have just bought a toddle bed for my granddaughter. She won't get it yet, but as soon as the baby needs her crib, then she will make the move. Another excuse for a quilt??

  5. Wow - you got a lot accomplished off that list! Love how you have your mini's hanging over the bed - so cute.

  6. I am speechless at how much you get done. I really need to pick up the pace. I think you deserve mom of the year award.

  7. Wow. I'm impressed with all the projects you crossed off your list! Bravo!

  8. Such an exciting day, what a big girl! And look at you- huge progress on the list!!

  9. Get things done is always good, even if those things weren't planned! Glad you had a good day! :)

  10. Aww, moving day! Good job on your list, despite the "life" interruption!


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