Friday, May 11, 2012

Zakka Itty Bitty Magnets

I was a little nervous about trying the Zakka project this week after hearing so many stories about what a nightmare they were to assemble. Shockingly enough, though, I found it to be a rather enjoyable project. It definitely took a little more time and concentration -- nothing says "fun" like trying to press 1/8 inch seams -- but it was worth it. I loved picking out the fabrics and threads for this one, and figuring out how to put it all together.

My fabrics are a mix of scraps from my projects over the last few months; among them are designs by Heather Ross, Yuwa, Lizzy House, Joel Dewberry, Melody Miller, and Bonnie & Camille. For the embroidery on each magnet, I used thread from the opposite side of the color wheel as a contrast to the printed fabrics.

They make a lovely addition to my magnetic chalkboard -- one of my all-time favorite purchases from IKEA. I love to write quotes or Bible verses on here to give me a little encouragement whenever I see it. Now the magnets will add another bit of happiness to the mix.

Linking up to the Zakka Along.


  1. I have to say that, with your fabric selection and fussy cutting, these are my favourite magnets on the Flickr page Heidi. Wanna swap? So glad it wasn't traumatic but fun.

  2. Yours turned out darling, and love your post about them.


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