Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Have to Start Somewhere

A string of events led to the presence of a brand new sewing machine in my house this fall, and that led me to a firm decision: I was going to learn how to sew. Granted, it had been over ten years since I had last tried to master the machine, and even then there hadn't been much mastery involved in the process. Still, I felt that I had a responsibility to take advantage of this opportunity since it had fallen into my lap. After long hours scanning sewing websites online and a few more hours inside the local fabric shop while my long-suffering husband watched the kids, I was ready to tackle my new hobby. The fruit of my first labors was the baby quilt you see below.

It's been a fun ride so far. While I don't always know exactly where I'm going, I sure do enjoy myself. I decided to start this blog as a way to share my journey with those who are interested in coming along for the trip. I figure that all visitors should find something here to encourage them. Newbies like me will see that even someone who hasn't got a clue can make something if they give it a shot. The more experienced can fondly recall their own triumphs over the early learning skirmishes that I may be facing. So everyone leaves happy. If you are looking for perfection in these pages, you will definitely want to leave my blog immediately and visit one of the excellent websites on the right side of the page here. There you will find more inspiration than you can imagine. I look forward to visiting with you in the days ahead...

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  1. Nice to read back to your genesis post Heidi. You have come so far so fast too! You blog with honesty and wit. Keep it up.


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